EIC 013: Empowered In Color Updates And Why You Should Start A Side Hustle

Many people don't like talking about their struggles until after they've overcome them... and for good reason. However, I think there is still some value in sharing your struggles while going through them, as it provides some accountability for you to get out of it, and it also provides comfort to those who may need to hear that someone is dealing with similar issues, and they can follow along to see you break past that.

This week's episode, I share about some updates to Empowered in Color and Why You Should Start a Side Hustle. 

Benefits of Side Hustles: 

  1. Provides extra financial security.

  2. It's empowering to have some control over your income and lifestyle.

  3. Teaches you time management and discipline.

  4. Can also teach you about networking or getting out of your shell if you are more reserved.

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  • Episode 3: Knowing Your Value with Mikli

  • Episode 7: Checking In and Reflecting on APAHM

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