EIC 020: Where I've Been & My Mental Health Journey

I released the last episode back in January letting out all of my goals for the year... then I went on an unexpected hiatus. 

I was dealing with the most difficult parts of my life so far, leading to depression, among other things. This episode, I share a bit about my mental health journey for most of this year. 

*Trigger warning: there is mention of depression and suicidal ideation in this episode. If you or someone you know is thinking of suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255

Listen to the the first episode of the year: EIC 019: New Year, Better Me--2019 Goals

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EIC 019: New Year, Better Me--2019 Goals

Happy New Year! Here's to bettering ourselves in 2019. The best way to do so is setting down some goals, which is what I'm talking about today. I share a few personal as well as professional goals for this brand/podcast, and I hope you start to think about your own goals for the year if you haven't already. 


Also, my 2019 word of the year: TRUST. Listen for more info on why I chose this word for this year. 


Episodes mentioned: 

  • Episode 18: Thank u, Next--8 Lessons From 2018


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EIC 018: Thank u, next--8 Lessons From 2018

It's the last episode of the year! Of course, we're taking this week to talk through some lessons learned this year both in running this podcast and in my own personal life. 

Content warning: there is brief mention of suicidal thoughts in this episode. If you or someone you know is thinking of suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.


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Have a safe and great holiday season, see you in 2019!

Thank u 2018, next

EIC 017: The Exhausting But Rewarding Work Of Diversity And Inclusion

With America's recent mid-term elections, it's one of the most prominent examples in the moment of how important diversity and inclusion are in raising equity for people of color. 

This week's episode, I talk in-depth about how mentally and emotionally exhausting this work can be but also how rewarding it feels to be doing something so necessary and important for all of us. 

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EIC 016: Non-Profit Work and City Planning with Christine of We Are Lightwork

This week's episode features 2 firsts: our first non-profit and first in-person interview! In honor of (the late) Filipino American History Month, we have Christine, a city planner and the founder of the nonprofit, We Are Lightwork, on the podcast today.  

We talk about her work as a city planner and how it correlates to her work in helping give back to those less fortunate in the greater Los Angeles area. If you are interested in helping out and getting involved, check out the website: https://wearelightwork.org/

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EIC 015: Money Mindset And Immigrant Upbringing With Santos Verardo

As Hispanic Heritage Month is coming to a close, this week's episode features Santos of New Coach Launchpad, a business coach who helps other coaches start up their businesses while keeping her day job as the principal of an elementary school. 

As part of her journey into entrepreneurship, Santos has had to deal with certain mentalities she grew up with and learned from her immigrant parents. Most of that dealt with money and the mindset her parents modeled growing up. 

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EIC 014: Serving People And Mindfulness With Pam Of The Cafe Con Pam Podcast

This week's episode is in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month! I'm sitting down with Pam of the podcast Cafe Con Pam, and we're talking about everything--from her business story to branding to mindfulness. 

Pam does a little bit of everything. She runs a podcast that sits down with Latinx as well as people of color to talk about how they're changing the world, she's a documentary photographer, she's a brand strategist, and she also sells physical products that focus on mindfulness! She is the epitome of the word entrepreneur. 

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EIC 013: Empowered In Color Updates And Why You Should Start A Side Hustle

Many people don't like talking about their struggles until after they've overcome them... and for good reason. However, I think there is still some value in sharing your struggles while going through them, as it provides some accountability for you to get out of it, and it also provides comfort to those who may need to hear that someone is dealing with similar issues, and they can follow along to see you break past that.

This week's episode, I share about some updates to Empowered in Color and Why You Should Start a Side Hustle. 

Benefits of Side Hustles: 

  1. Provides extra financial security.

  2. It's empowering to have some control over your income and lifestyle.

  3. Teaches you time management and discipline.

  4. Can also teach you about networking or getting out of your shell if you are more reserved.

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  • Episode 7: Checking In and Reflecting on APAHM

  • Episode 12: Brand Partnerships and Blogging for Business

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EIC 012: Brand Partnerships And Blogging For Business

In a past life, I was a blogger. I wasn't a big blogger, but I've received my fair share of brand partnerships, both free products/services and paid checks for my work. 

How to work with brands even as a smaller blogger or influencer is a question that I still see and get asked a lot, so I thought I'd share some tips to help you towards success! It's hard work to be a content creator but if you love what you do, the rewards are worth it. 

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EIC 011: Bootstrapping Your Business and Classism

As people of color, due to the systems currently in place in society, we tend to have access to less resources, and that includes money. 

This week's episode, I'm talking about what it takes to bootstrap your business and the classism I have encountered in the process. Yeah, it's really annoying. 

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EIC 010: Where Do White People Fit Into Empowered In Color?

In any space that is designated for a specific group, there are always people who ask, "What about me?" 

This episode talks about just that, how white people/allies fit into a space that is designated for people of color. I use a lot of analogies to describe recognizing your presence in a space that is not specifically meant for you, equity vs. equality, and how privilege works and isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

We are a community that uplifts people of color first, but we welcome allies who want to be part of this movement with open arms too. 

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EIC 009: Personal Finance with Addy of Creaction Co

Money makes the world go round... so we're talking about it in today's episode. 

Addy is a business consultant and personal finance buff, and today we talk about ways that people with limited spare funds can still take ownership of their finances. She and I have slightly differing views on maximizing our money, so it makes for great conversation. 

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EIC 008: Mindset And Productivity with Kristin of Monetized Mama

What's the first step to becoming more productive? Your mindset. 

Today we're talking with Kristin of Monetized Mama, a military wife and mother of two who helps busy mothers stay productive so that they can accomplish their goals. 

I'll admit, I never used to see the importance in having a good mindset, but Kristin explains it in such an easy to understand way. 

Check her out: Monetized Mama

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EIC 007: Checking In and Reflecting on APAHM

Today's episode is a mixture of things. I reflect on Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month, guests featured this month, and I also recommend a bunch more people and businesses that you can follow and support. 


When I started the podcast, I said I wanted this to also be an audio diary to document my honest journey in running a podcast/brand/business on top of balancing a day job. Listen to the episode to hear what's up with me behind the scenes. 

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EIC 006: Writing and Pacific Islander Representation with Anjulie Te Pohe

Anjulie is a Māori writer from New Zealand living in Western Australia. She focuses on fantasy and fiction, and writes to include characters similar to herself in her work. Over the years, she's dealt with rejection and has had to fight to be seen when Asians dominate the narrative of "Asian Pacific Islanders." 

Learn more about her story and keep in touch. 

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EIC 005: Youtube as a Niche with Mo of Mo Explores

Mo is a Youtuber full time... just not in the way you would expect. She is a video editor specifically for Youtubers. After running her own Youtube channel for a few years, she stumbled onto the prospect of editing for Youtubers/vloggers, and things fell into place from there. 

We talk about community, the beauty of Youtube, and a bunch of other random things in between. Listen to her story and enjoy!

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EIC 004: Preventing Burnout and Taking Advantage of Rest

I've burnt myself out quite a few times over the years, and I'm getting better at managing it and learning how to truly manage what I can actually handle, not what I *think* I can handle. 

Some tips to keep in mind: 

  1. Know your limits and how much you can truly handle. 
  2. See where you can cut out activities or cut off time from them. 
  3. Keep spending time with friends and family as a priority.
  4. If you absolutely cannot or don't want to cut out your activities, see where you can rotate through them (whether weekly or monthly, etc) or cut down the time you spend on each thing. 
  5. You don't have to hustle every single day. It's okay to not work or hustle all the time if it means that you'll have more energy and be more productive when you do work.
  6. Even just 15 minutes of work per day is better than none, and it adds up.

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EIC 003: Knowing Your Worth with Mikli of HeyMikli

When it comes to starting up a business, it's easy to undermine your value out of fear that no one will be willing to pay for your products or services. Thanks to a supportive group of both clients and colleagues, Mikli Jorge was able to come to terms with her value and find the confidence to charge her worth. 

Mikli's latest project: Project Takeoff

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EIC002: Getting Funded on Kickstarter - Do's and Don'ts

Crowdfunding is a viable way to validate your idea while raising startup funds at the same time. The Empowered in Color Podcast was actually able to come to life thanks to Kickstarter. This episode goes into crowdfunding for podcasts--projects that you can normally consume for free. 

You can find our Kickstarter here.

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EIC 001: Why We Are Empowered in Color

Representation and accessibility to resources are important. People in marginalized communities have historically lacked both of these things. We, at Empowered in Color, want to help you out. This episode goes into depth on the context that this was created and how we want to help people of color thrive in all areas. 

A big part of why Empowered in Color exists is representation. Seeing people who look like you and have similar lifestyles to you makes such a huge difference in confidence and your belief that you can accomplish what you want. 

Someone who played a huge role in influencing me to pursue this: Regina of byRegina.com. When participating in one of her live webinars one day, something in me clicked and realized that entrepreneurship and starting up a business was something that was possible for me. 

If you are a person of color (or an ally who cares about people of color) who wants to live your best life and explore opportunities you might have never even known were available to you, then stay tuned. We will be interviewing and featuring business owners and activists of color from all different industries and hear how they got to where they are, and how you can learn from them to succeed in your own life. 

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