EIC 001: Why We Are Empowered in Color

Representation and accessibility to resources are important. People in marginalized communities have historically lacked both of these things. We, at Empowered in Color, want to help you out. This episode goes into depth on the context that this was created and how we want to help people of color thrive in all areas. 

A big part of why Empowered in Color exists is representation. Seeing people who look like you and have similar lifestyles to you makes such a huge difference in confidence and your belief that you can accomplish what you want. 

Someone who played a huge role in influencing me to pursue this: Regina of byRegina.com. When participating in one of her live webinars one day, something in me clicked and realized that entrepreneurship and starting up a business was something that was possible for me. 

If you are a person of color (or an ally who cares about people of color) who wants to live your best life and explore opportunities you might have never even known were available to you, then stay tuned. We will be interviewing and featuring business owners and activists of color from all different industries and hear how they got to where they are, and how you can learn from them to succeed in your own life. 

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